Mar 19

Retail and Commercial in Downtown Camrose

Posted on March 19, 2018 at 1:28 PM by Website Administrator

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This is the first retail and commercial study completed by the City of Camrose. This contract with 360 Collective was important to determine what the current challenges and opportunities are in Camrose along with what the future economic development outlook may look be for downtown Camrose and the city.

360 Collective was retained by the City of Camrose to analyze retail and commercial market conditions and opportunities for Camrose and the key commercial corridors. This included a City-wide retail and commercial study and demand analysis with a specific emphasis on Downtown Camrose. The study process included background research, consumer surveys and mobile cell phone (ping data) analysis of visitors, a retail commercial audit, interviews with stakeholders, and two workshop days with stakeholders.

360 Collective provided a list of recommended economic development principles in the plan:
  1. Promote Collaboration
    • Develop a Camrose wide marketing and Hospitality Advisory Committee that shares resources in order to amplify impact
  2.  Be Investment Ready
    • Identify sectors for opportunities, gaps, strengths to build upon
    • Define investor recruitment targets
    • Strengthen infrastructure
    • Review planning context
    • Make investment easier
    • Strategic financial interventions
  3.  Use Placemaking to increase commercial attraction
    • Encourage walkability and pedestrian flow
    • Increased dwell time – places, spaces and faces
  4.  Execute Consistent brand messaging
    • Strategy and messaging
The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan business retention and attraction policy areas will incorporate the recommendations of the Downtown and City of Camrose Retail and Commercial Market Study.

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Mar 15

Public Engagement Schedule

Posted on March 15, 2018 at 11:25 AM by Website Administrator

Our public engagement is now underway! Please click on the image below to see the proposed schedule. 

DARP Engagement Plan Gantt Chart

Currently, Administration is moving into phase two of the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan. Phase one consisted of background work, base mapping, inventory analysis and research along with the completion of the Camrose Downtown Transportation and Parking Plan and the Downtown and City of Camrose Retail and Commercial Market Study. Phase two consists of public engagement that will drive the major strategy, goals, objectives, and policies of the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan. Administration expects a range of public engagement activities to occur from March to November in accordance with the approved Project Management Plan.

The first public engagement event was a focus group session held on March 15th. The primary aim of the focus group was to gain an understanding from the perspective of the participants of the proposed character areas or precincts, which are area containing similarities (land uses, built form, functions, and services). Information compiled from the focus group will be posted shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact Francisca Karl, Long Range Planner, at