Posted on: August 3, 2017

Invasive Weed Control

In an effort to reduce the spread of invasive plants in Camrose, the city is beginning a public awareness campaign to inform residents about these plants. Individual efforts will have a great effect on reducing the spread of these plants as well as limiting the amount that City employees will need to spray, mow, and use other methods to control the plants. The combined endeavor will prevent invasive plants from taking over habitat from native plants and animals as well as reduce the economic effects on homeowners, farmers, and the City.

The Alberta Weed Control Act regulates invasive plants in the province and sets guidelines for preventing the arrival of new weeds and containing existing plants. Under the Act all weeds declared as prohibited noxious shall be destroyed or rendered non-viable in an effort to eradicate them from the province. Weeds that are declared as being noxious shall be controlled to inhibit their growth or spread.

Provincial weed inspectors will be in Camrose looking for these invasive plants on both public and private land, notifying the City and homeowners of the presence of the weeds. City employees will be picking and spraying for noxious plants and residents are asked to do the same on their own properties. If a noxious plant is seen in your yard you will be given an informative sheet about the plant with information on identification and control. The sheet also includes alternate names that retailers may use for the plants, so be aware of what plants you are buying and do not purchase any controlled plants. Please make efforts to remove all of these invasive plants from your yard and alley to prevent their spread. A follow-up will be conducted by the weed inspector and peace officer to ensure all of it has been removed.

Some weeds that have been found in Camrose are:

Prohibited Noxious: Himalayan Balsam.

Noxious: Baby’s Breath, Creeping Bellflower, Dame’s Rocket, Scentless Chamomile, Oxeye Daisy, Canada Thistle, White Cockle, Yellow Clematis.

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