Councillor Agnes Hoveland 2015-06-03-Agnes-Hoveland-head Councillor Kevin Hycha 2015-06-03-Kevin-Hycha-head
Councillor Max Lindstrand MaxLindstrand-head Councillor David Ofrim 2015-06-03-David-Ofrim-head
Councillor Bill Sears BillSears-head Councillor PJ Stasko PJStasko-head
Councillor Wayne Throndson WayneThrondson-head Councillor Greg Wood GregWood-head


Regular Council Meeting dates are established as the first and third Monday of every month, excepting where a statutory holiday falls on the Monday, then the meeting is on the Tuesday. Regular Council meetings commence at 5 p.m. at the Camrose City Hall located at 5204 - 50 Avenue.