1907 Firehall

After a grant of $12,291 was received from the New Horizons Program, it was decided to build the replica of the original firehall built in 1907. The grant money was used to pay for the supplies, the work was done by members and volunteer Firemen helped put the rough on. It was opened July 01, 1981. The replica is not exact to the original one, for instance there was a lean-to as well. There is a shorter tower on the replica than what was on the original and the bell tower was not completed. The town office was held in the Firehall for many years (1907-1954). After that the town office was moved into the Old Methodist Church and then to the Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Once the trucks were purchased in 1929, the stables were cleaned up and used for the police chief's office and a jail was made in the back. One night a man from Roundhill was left in the jail over night, when the police came back the next morning it was discovered that he had escaped during the night by his friends. In 1943, RCMP took over policing Camrose and the police station at the Firehall was used as public washrooms. In 1955 it was demolished and replaced by the station on 51st street. A new Firehall was built on Mount Pleasant Drive.

The upstairs was originally used to provide free shelter for the Firemen. The Canadian reported on January 11, 1911 that Ludwig Johnson as chief was to get $10 and his aid $5 a month and free room. It was also the meeting place for all sorts of levels of government (county/town) and other organizations as well as host for dances, card parties, teas and bazaars.

The fire department takes care and pride in the maintenance of the fire trucks that are housed in the building. The upstairs of the building houses many museum displays such as our town office, dairy display, laundry display, RCMP/Police display, and a music display among others.