Building Permits

Permit applications can be made by the owner or their contractor.

Building Permits Required for:

  • Construction, addition, alteration, demolition, or reconstruction after fire etc. of any building
  • Relocation of a building

Building Permits not Required for:

  • Accessory buildings under 100 sq ft
  • Painting, decorating, re-roofing, siding, or minor
  • repairs using similar materials for building maintenance that do not affect electrical or mechanical work
  • Note: Other permits may be required

Application Process

To obtain a building permit, a completed application form must be submitted along with the following checklist.

Your application will not be accepted until all required documentation is submitted for review. 


Processing time for building permits is approximately 5-10 business days depending on complexity of the project.  


Inspections are required at the following stages:
  • Prior to backfilling a foundation
  • Prior to drywall
  • Prior to covering any work
  • Prior to occupancy  
Two days notice is required to book an inspection.  You will need to provide name, project location, permit number, and phone number.