Septic Wastewater Disposal

The City of Camrose accepts hauled septic wastewater from approved hauling companies for disposal at the wastewater lagoon site.  Septic wastewater is usually wastewater collected from septic tanks.  It contains water from toilets, sinks and showers.

Approved Hauling Companies
Companies wishing to haul septic wastewater to the City disposal site must apply at City Public Works and provide:
  • Company contact and ownership information
  • Information about the types and capacities of the trucks used to haul sludge
  • Information about the source and characteristics of the sludge to be hauled, and
  • Approximate daily/weekly/monthly volumes which are planned to be hauled
Hauling companies will also be required to enter into an agreement with the City of Camrose prior to any hauled waste being accepted.

All hauled septic wastewater accepted at the wastewater lagoons must comply with the City's Wastewater Bylaw. Testing of the septic wastewater may be required prior to disposal to ensure compliance with the Wastewater Bylaw. At the discretion of the Director of Public Works, hauled sewage must follow standards and guidelines established in the Wastewater System Policy.
Waste Manifest Documents
A waste manifest document is required for each load, prior to disposal.  The manifest must summarize the type and source of material being disposed of. A Public Works operator may request to review this waste manifest document and/or inspect and test the load to confirm that the material being delivered can be accepted.

Fees and Charges
City Public works must be contacted prior to each disposal so that arrangements can be made to access the facility.
  • $100 / load during normal working hours (plus custom charges if wait is longer than 15 minutes)
  • $150 / load during off hours (plus custom charges if wait is longer than 15 minutes)
Additional Information
For more information on disposing of septic wastewater at the City’s wastewater treatment facility, please contact the City’s Public Works Department or view: