Non-Septic Wastewater Disposal

While the majority of wastewater treated at the City’s wastewater treatment facility arrives through a pipe, the City also accepts hauled non-septic wastewater (also known as hauled waste) at its wastewater lagoons. Non-septic waste is liquid waste collected from car wash or garage sumps. Oils and grease must be separated from the waste before it is accepted, (this is usually done in a well maintained and properly designed sump), and it must not contain sanitary waste (liquids from toilets, sinks, or showers).

All hauled non-septic wastewater accepted at the wastewater lagoons must comply with the City’s Wastewater Bylaw. Testing of the non-septic waste may be required prior to disposal under the standards and guidelines established in the Wastewater System Policy.

Waste Manifest Documents
A waste manifest document is required for each load, prior to disposal. The manifest must summarize the type and source of material being disposed of. A Public Works operator may request to review this waste manifest document and/or inspect and test the load to confirm that the material being delivered can be accepted.

Additional Information
For more information on disposing non-septic wastewater at the City’s wastewater treatment facility, please contact the City’s Public Works Department at 780.672.5513 or view: