Condominium Application

Condominium Conversion

The Condominium Property Act RSA 2000 provides the opportunity for landowners to convert existing buildings into condominiums. The Act requires the City’s approval prior to registration of such conversions. Approval for a conversion is granted by the signing of a Certificate of Local Authority by the Local Authority.

In order to receive a Certificate of Local Authority, an Application for Condominium Conversion must be approved by the City of Camrose. Please note that all requirements outlined in the City of Camrose Condominium Conversion Policy must be met in order for the application to be complete.

Bare Land Condominiums

Bare land condominium developments are handled as subdivisions. The application will follow the same process as all subdivisions within the City of Camrose. For further information, refer to the Subdivision Application section on this website, or contact the Planning and Development Office.

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