Market Size & Population


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The population of Camrose provides both a ready market and a stable labour supply. Camrose employers find it easy to get and keep the kind of staff they need - staff with the skills and work attitudes that make a business profitable.
  • Ample Labour Supply - The Camrose area has about 24,000 citizens from which to draw employees and provides an ample supply of people who are anxious to go to work.
  • Skilled Workers - Many Camrose and area workers have a skilled and diverse agricultural background. As a noted education centre, Camrose also has many residents with a sophisticated grasp of modern technology.
  • Strong Work Ethic - The workforce is traditionally non-transient, with a strong work ethic. 

Access to Markets

Camrose has an immediate trading area population of 140,000 and is only an hour's drive from a market population of one million people. Camrose is equidistant from Vancouver and Winnipeg markets.