Dog Off-Leash Area - Summer

Off-leash areas are formally designated areas where dog owners can release their dogs from all forms of constraint and allow them to move about freely for exercise and/or socialization with other dogs and people. All off-leash areas are subject to rules and regulations that protect people, pets, and property.

Current Sites

There is a fenced year round off-leash area behind (north of) the eastern segment (Safeway to Staples) of the Cornerstone Development at 6800-48 Avenue. It can be accessed by driving to the back of the stores and parking in the designated area. 
The winter area at the Camrose Golf Course is now closed and the summer area in the Stoney Creek Valley is open. 

This area consists of the grass ski trails and open areas south of the train trestle bridge to the trails that begin to climb up to the biathlon staging area and gun range (these areas are not open to dogs). This is a multi use area and dog owners are responsible for ensuring their dogs are under control and do not harass other trail users or wildlife.  Please share the trails responsibly to ensure the ongoing use of this area as a dog off leash area. Pick up after your pet using the bags and garbage receptacles provided.  This is a natural corridor and wildlife including beaver, deer, coyotes, rabbits, etc. may be encountered. The safety and welfare of dogs is the dog owner's responsibility.   


The rules pertain to both trial and permanent off leash areas.

Additional Information

For more information call Community Services at 780.672.9195